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Pipette Tips


Vertex Tips

Vertex® Pipette Tips were developed following extensive research to provide users with a high degree of fluid confidence and control while pipetting.
Internal studies have indicated these tips provide less fluid retention and less sample loss.  

  • Vertex Pipette Tips
  • Vertex Gel-Loading Tips
  • Vertex Standard Tips
  • Vertex EcoPac Systems

Filtered Tips

Vertex Filtered Pipette Tips offer an extra level of protection, confidence, and control by providing a barrier between the nose cone of the pipettor and the sample.

Advantages of the Vertex Filter Membrane:

  • Manufactured from high-density, inert polyethylene (HDPE).
  • Contains no additives that can contaminate samples if encountered.
  • Provides a barrier against contamination, but will not impede airflow.
  • Hydrophobic properties prevent absorption of samples.

Macro Volume Tips

  • High-precision 5 and 10 mL Tips.
  • Offered Filtered and Non-Filtered.
  • Available in bulk, autoclavable racks, and sterile.

Robotic Tips

  • Refillable racks and space-saving EcoPac refills for Biomek® FX workstations.
  • Lot by lot functional testing and certification for complete product confidence.
  • Seamless tip integration — no programming or software changes required.

Download Product Shipper Case Weight and Dimensions Download Vertex Tip Compatibility Chart 
Download Macro Volume Tip Compatibility Chart

Vertex Family Glamor SILO
Vertex Pipette Tips

  • Less fluid retention
  • Less sample loss
  • Less time spent
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Vertex EcoPac Systems

  • EcoPac Cleanroom — PET
  • EcoPac Benchtop — Paper

Vertex EcoPac® Refill Systems provide handy lift-and-load simplicity, and do not require any tools or special instructions to move from an empty insert to a fresh set of 96 tips. EcoPac Refill Systems are also environmentally friendly, reducing lab waste by 70%, while also conserving precious shelf space.

EcoPac Benchtop

The EcoPac Benchtop Refill System is housed in paperboard packaging that may be preferred by some institutional recycling programs. Inside, you will find tip refills of the highest Vertex quality and low-retention technology.  Click here for EcoPac Benchtop Models


EcoPac Cleanroom

The EcoPac Cleanroom Refill System is housed in clean and durable plastic (PET) packaging to protect the tips from damage and eliminate particulate matter. Click here for EcoPac Cleanroom Models

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    Specialty Tips

    • Large Orifice (Wide Bore) Tips
    • Macro 5 and 10 mL Tips
    • Robotic Tips for Biomek


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